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Go To Market – Case Story

Helped regional market leader in site management systems expand into new markets

We started to go to conferences, tradeshows and get more digital presence, but we never fully got the attention outside the German speaking countries. So we decided to hire industry expert Morten Raaby.

20-01-2022, CEO, Faschang Services, Rudolf Faschang

Open OMIS Case Story

Tech StrategyReference

Evaluated EU options and experimented with connector for global cloud offering

“As an expert in connectivity, Insite 360 has relied on industry veteran Morten Raaby to deliver the solutions and strategy we need to provide for our clients.  During our engagement, Morten helped Insite 360 gain invaluable insight to integrating our cloud services into European infrastructure to keep our customers’ businesses moving forward.  With proven industry and location expertise, Morten Raaby is a trusted advisor to any company looking to grow its IoT strategy in Europe or globally”

15-01-2021, Rachel Collins, VP GM Insite 360

Market insightCase Story

Identified customer’s pain points in Coffee sales allowing IoT provider to tailor offering.

“Raaby 2020 is giving us valuable and additional insights into fueling retail domaine. Allows us to faster understand the customer’s exact pain points and system architectures helping us to tailor our offering and consequently help fuel retailers grow their coffee sales”

16-sep-2020, Bart Jaspers, CEO, Connected Molecules – IoT platform providing telemetry and payments for machines in retail

Open Connected Molecules case Story

Market selection

Engaged with EU solution provider to determine  geographical expansion.

Market  attractiveness

Laid out fuel retail ecosystem and drivers for professional investor.