Industry Opportunity for Growth and Innovation

Fuel retail in the road transport sector represents 150.000 retail outlets in Europe alone.

This market has 100s of suppliers and service organizations in an ecosystem with little standardizations and collaboration. Therefore, the fueling sites architecture is often different. In addition, despite EUs common market, fiscal and environmental rules are still country specific. 

Consequently, it is hard to scale digital solutions in this market despite the  150.000 sites it represents. Furthermore, it can be difficult to sell digital solutions across borders.

This challenge continues to exist as the digital solution providers have too little cross-border collaboration and cross-border insight to drive a level of standardization and collaboration needed for scale.

As a result, the retailers’ digital strategies and scalable solutions from the suppliers are harder to realize. Therefore, solution providers do not grow and the retailers get less innovative solutions to market.

However, with a slight shift in mindset especially in terms of collaboration and ecosystem technologies the opportunity is here to grow and innovate.